Five Strategic Ways to ROCK Your Endurance Coaching Business

Building Your Brand Authentically

"Coaching the Coach" 

It was 2012, I was sitting on the pier in Kona, Hawaii watching my husband start the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. After I graduated from UTSA with my Masters of Science in Kinesiology, I was at a lost. I was applying for jobs and being turned down. I said to myself, "Either go back to the 9 to 5 or figure this shit out!" Sound familiar? The coaching part is easy. The business side of things, a whole other beast! Grab your GUIDE today! 

How to ROCK Your Endurance Coaching Business

According to USA Triathlon 2015 demographics, there are at least 42% of the triathlon population wanting a coach but currently does not have one. 

 So, how the heck do you "stick" out from the crowd?


Offer advice on a weekly basis on your blog. 

Be Authentic

From your blog to your social media posts, "Raw and Real" is the way to go.


Find out what social media platform works for you! 

Check out the Sizzle Reel above, that Jen put together for the Health & Wellness Speech in San Antonio, TX.


What Can You Achieve with these Strategic Ways to ROCK your Coaching Business?

With these 5 strategic ways to ROCK your business, you will be able to understand what you need to do to build your brand from the beginning. This is a FANTASTIC guide to get you started on your journey to being an "Expert" in your field! 

Building a Blog

Learn how to start your blog and website! 

Build Your Tribe

Learn how others can help you out! 

Social Media Platforms

Find out what is YOUR best social media platform! 

Get PR & Recognition 

How to be considered an expert in the field and MORE! 


About the Author

Jen Rulon is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach of 16+ years and owner of She received her Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. You can find her knowledge shared in Triathlete Magazine, Runners World, on the TEDx Stage, the Health and Wellness Expo in San Antonio, TX, Men's Journal Online, and the New York Times. 

Jen also practices what she preaches--she's a 12x Ironman Triathlete who recently qualified for the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 14, 2017.

Grab YOUR "Five Strategic Ways to ROCK Your Endurance Coaching Business" Guide TODAY!