Rulon Rules: Triathlon 101 Learning the Basics about Triathlon Training & Racing 


"It's a Challenge, To Lose Weight" & Because I Can."

Recently, I asked athletes, triathletes, soon to be triathletes, the famous question, "Why are you doing triathlons?" I loved the response from them as they all had different journeys. This is why I LOVE this sport. Every athlete has a different journey on WHY they are getting ready for a triathlon. Whether you are getting ready for Sprint Triathlon to an Olympic distance Triathlon to an Ironman Triathlon. This ebook will help YOU figure out if this sport is for YOU! 

A 30+ Page PDF about Triathlon Training & Racing 

We want to reach out to the masses about our love of triathlon training. In this PDF, you will see how triathlon training teaches us about: 


We know exercise is important to us but how do we even begin? 


Learnng beyond the swim, bike, run and strength trianing. 


Meeting some of the best people on the earth. 

Click on my "butterfly" necklae to watch the video of "Why" I put the "Rulon Rules: Triathlon 101" together for you! 

Looking BEYOND the swim, bike and run...

What Do You Want to Achieve in Your Lifetime? 

In this FREE PDF, we chat to you about swim, bike, run, BUT we also discuss how the mind will play a big role in your triathlon journey. Not only does the mental training help in your training and racing but it will also help in every day life. We want to look BEYOND the "norm" and help you to find YOUR "Champion" status from within! 

Swim Training

Where do you swim? What equipment do you need? What type of workouts do you need to do? 

Bike Training

Where do you bike? What equipment do you need? What type of workouts do you need to do? 

Run Training

Where do you run? What equipment do you need? What type of workouts do you need to do?

Mental Training

Learning how to tap in the "mental" side of training is crucial. Let us show you how! 


About the Author

As a health and fitness expert, Jennifer “Jen” Rulon, has inspired, coached, and motivated many athletes to complete their first triathlon to their 3rd Ironman Triathlon. Jennifer encourages and guides her athletes to learn about themselves BEYOND the physical aspects of doing an Ironman Triathlon with the mental aspects of “IronZen” and “Life Lessons for an Ironman Triathlete.” 

Jen is an 11x Ironman Triathlete (for now) and has learned how to “Coach Triathletes to Cross the Finish Line with a Smile!” Jennifer received her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise Science, and started her business, You will also see find her knowledge shared in Triathlete Magazine, Runner’s World, Men’s Online Journal, WebMD, and, most recently, The New York Times. 

Rulon Racing Team Athletes

This is excellent! 

"It is very organized. It's done beautifully. It's very precise and very detailed." 

Raquel Dominguez

3x Ironman Triahtlete of Coach Jen 

Life Beyond Triathlon

"I am fortunate to be coached by someone that is not only a talented triathlete but also genuinely phenomenal person, that I am lucky enough to call my friend. Jen has been able to help me achieve things that I never would have thought possible a few short years ago. I look forward to where this journey will take me. I know that I will arrive at all of life's finish lines with a smile on my face!"

Jeff Anderegg

A 30+ Page PDF about Triathlon Training & Racing

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Rulon Rules: Triathlon 101. Learn about triathlons today! 

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