How I Dropped to My Ironman Triathlon Race Weight!

Fuel for Fat Loss has truly changed the way I eat as a 14x Ironman Triathlete.

As an athlete and a coach, I think one of the most common quesiton that I get asked about is nutrition and I am not talking about "Race Day" Nutrition, I am talking about everyday nutrition.

Maybe I should talk about the elephant in the room because when it comes to every day nutrition, back in the days, I would generally eat what I wanted to because I knew I was going to burn it off in my training.

As I started getting a little bit older, I started seeing changes in my body and I knew I needed to make a change heading into 2018, after I put some weight on.

I reached out to Simone for the her "Fuel for Fat Loss" Program and off I went. I dropped weight. I got faster. I was winning races. 

If this is something that interests you, grab my free guide "Rulon Rules" of MacroCounting, along with my favorite recipes and learn about FFFL TODAY! 

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